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Are you struggling with hair loss due to hyperhidrosis? Our experienced Trichologists at MIYOHAIR are here to help.

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How It Works:

Your Customized Hair Care Solution

Experience a comprehensive and personalized approach to tackle hair loss caused by hyperhidrosis. Our consultation process follows these steps:


Our expert Trichologists will meticulously examine the condition of your scalp and hair. By understanding your unique profile, including genetics, lifestyle, and history, we gather essential insights to guide your treatment. Baseline photos are taken to track your progress effectively.

[Trichologist Examining Hair]


Drawing from over 25 years of experience, we curate a tailored Hair Care solution designed specifically for your scalp's unique requirements. Our carefully selected product regimen, comprising all-natural ingredients, non-GMO, vegan, and botanicals, synergizes with the treatment, amplifying its effects for maximum results.


Your hair transformation journey is a collaborative process. Through follow-up consultations, our Trichologists monitor your progress, offering you the opportunity to seek guidance, ask questions, and receive additional support whenever you need it.

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We believe in continuous improvement. If there are changes in your condition or lifestyle, we adjust your treatment plan accordingly. Our goal is to ensure consistent and noticeable results, optimizing your hair health throughout the journey.

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