Welcome to MIYOHAIR, where the art of hair care intersects with innovation to transform your hair and scalp health journey. Founded by the visionary Erkkie Harris-Wells over two decades ago, MIYOHAIR delivers revolutionary solutions for Hyperhidrosis-induced hair loss. 

Erkkie Harris-Wells, revered as the go-to Trichologist in Los Angeles, embarked on a transformative journey that reshaped the landscape of hair and scalp care. Her influence transcended geographical boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Collaborating with industry giants such as Loreal, Revlon, Joico, and Redken during the late '70s and '80s, Erkkie's impact reached global proportions.

Erkkie's innate understanding of hair chemistry propelled her into mastering chemical services. Her prowess led her to assume the role of a Third Party Verifier for hair straightening products, consulting with major industry players. Her insights empowered these companies to refine their products, ensuring exceptional consumer outcomes. 

An unexpected encounter during a San Francisco visit introduced Erkkie to a book elucidating hair loss causes and symptoms, unveiling the world of Trichology. This revelation ignited her passion, prompting her to relinquish her salon business and embark on a quest that spanned continents, immersing herself in the science of Trichology.

Introducing MIYOHAIR: Where Transformation Begins

Today, Erkkie Harris-Wells stands tall as a distinguished Trichologist in the United States. MIYOHAIR embodies her relentless mission to unearth the root causes of hair loss, challenging the prevailing one-size-fits-all approach. 

Erkkie's remarkable ability to diagnose hair loss types through conversation is applauded by clients. Her diagnoses are fortified by microscopic and polarization analysis, ensuring unwavering precision.

MIYOHAIR introduces an innovative product line tailored to address Hyperhidrosis-induced hair loss in both men and women. This revolutionary product line is a testament to Erkkie's commitment to redefining hair and scalp health. With MIYOHAIR, you embark on a transformative journey towards revitalized hair and scalp health and empowered confidence.

Join us at MIYOHAIR and experience the culmination of Erkkie Harris-Wells' expertise, innovation, and dedication to hair health. Your journey to radiant, resilient hair begins here.